Guest Blogging

A sampling of my writing portfolio. Enjoy!

  1. 7 Lessons After 7 Months in Silicon Valley
  2. How I Decided to Leave Corporate America for an Early Stage Startup
  3. Golden Nuggets from Programming Gurus
  4. A Letter for New Engineers: You Will Be Different and That’s Okay
  5. Why a CS Major Would Want an MBA
  6. Lean In For Femgineers
  7. 5 Important Things to Remember When Designing a Product
  8. 7 Techniques to Improve Brainstorming with Your Engineering Team
  9. Summer Roundup: Curated Tech Talks on Frontend Development, UX, and Startups
  10. How to Build With Empathy: How to Think Like a User using Scenario Based Design
  11. How to Get Your Dream Engineering Job
  12. I Don’t Want to Be a Programmer
  13. Femgineer Spotlight: Ginger Folker of Accenture Software
  14. Learning JavaScript for Future Ninjas
  15. How Femgineers End the Year: By Becoming Better Developers
  16. Femgineer Spotlight: Sophia Han Chung of Facebook
  17. A Day in the Life of a Femgineer, Corporate Edition
  18. What Dating Taught Me About Programming
  19. Femgineer Spotlight: Vanessa Hurst of Developers for Good (Code Montage)
  20. How to Become a Femgineer
  21. My Deep Dive into the World of Frontend Development
  22. Book Review: Clean Code
  23. What I Read When I Don’t Want to Code

Women 2

  1. Startup Resources: Learn Programming, The Software Business, and Design
  2. Roundup: An Obsession Over Startups
  3. A Letter for New Engineers: You Will Be Different and That’s Okay
  4. “Fake It ‘Till You Make It” And More Golden Nuggets From Programming Gurus
  5. Where UX Meets Code: Get Started On Web & Mobile Development
  6. How To Become A Femgineer (Infographic: MOOC)
  7. #TechTuesday: 7 Techniques to Improve Brainstorming Within Your Engineering Team
  8. Should You Leave Your Corporate Job to Work at an Early-Stage Startup?

The Levo League

  1. Rock the Internship: Part 1: Get the Interview
  2. Rock the Internship Part 2: Perfect the Interview
  3. Rock the Internship Part 3: Learn to be a Dream Intern

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