Basics of Automata Theory (Or Oh The Choices We Make)

4/20/2012: Whoah! The powerpoints here are outdated and/or not all here!
Will upload the rest of the resources from the class ASAP


This semester, I took a Theory of Computation class. I never thought I would have so much fun in a CS class. Our professor is hilarious when it comes to explaining things…and he usually relates his examples to relationships. I especially love how he connected Nondeterministic Finite Automata to having alternate universes. A college senior having the pre-grad freakout, the thought of having alternate paths for all the choices that you want to make is just bliss. And if you picked the wrong path? No worries…you have alternate universes where, hopefully, you will reach a happy ending, or even just a final state.

Anways, here’s our material (so far) for your viewing pleasure. Thanks to Professor Mitch Andaya of iACADEMY for these slides.

THEOCOM 01: Introduction to Finite Automata

THEOCOM 02: Designing Finite Automata + Exercises

THEOCOM 03: Nondeterministic Finite Automata

THEOCOM 04: Equivalence of DFAs and NFAs

THEOCOM 05: Regular Expressions on Languages, Closure Properties

THEOCOM 06: Regular Expressions

{Image source: Kate Spade NY}