Software Design for the Newbie

First time designing an app? Freak not! I bring you the four steps to easy design.

1. Think  about what activities your customer will be doing. Instead of thinking on a feature-based paradigm, think of how your users will accomplish activities. Make the flow as easy and intuitive as possible.

2. Make up imaginary characters that you want to use your app. Can x person with x background find her way easily in your app? How about a less technical guy y with y experience?

3. Time to mockup? Use paper and post-it’s for the time being (they’ll be able to focus more on the actual flow vs. the design). Brainstorm with your team and come up with as many designs as you want. Show these to future users.

4. Create the actual mockup, taking into account the user feedback, using software such as Balsamiq or Mockingbird. Show and revise as needed.

Plus, here are a few more resources:

1. Prototyping for non-techies, Women 2.0

2. The ultimate guide to wireframing, Six Revisions

Hope that helps!

[Images: mark and angel hack lifecreative blogspot, sap design guildcrunchbase]


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