How I Decided to Leave Corporate America to Join an Early Stage Startup

This post was originally published at Femgineer.

I subscribed to Inc. Magazine when I was 10. I bought the domain name because I saw an infomercial on internet businesses that said you should start a business that resonate with what you love. At the time, my dad and I spent a lot of time baking on the weekends, so to my 10-year old self, an online business selling ovens made complete total sense. (Please don’t laugh.)

That’s when I first started playing with HTML, which unfortunately didn’t get restarted until I was in undergrad.

So I always knew I wanted to be part of the startup world from a very early age, even before I was aware of the word “startup.” And even though I found myself with an amazing job as a software engineer in Corporate America, I still tried to be involved with startups (contributing to and voraciously reading Femgineer,, etc.).

Poornima has always tried to convince me to move to the Bay, but the timing was never right. I was enjoying my job building enterprise software with smart and amazing people. In fact, we were so close that as a young female living alone in the city, I referred to my coworkers as my family.

Read more here.


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