Roundup: An Obsession over Startups

In the last few weeks, I have become obsessed with startups. So I thought, hey, even though I can’t start one, I could still very well post about it. So here I go…(If you find duplicates, please forgive me…went through 9 hours of classes today, and my brain is almost mush.)


1. Here is a roundup (within a roundup! yay! ) on startup culture and development by Foursquare’s Head of  Talent.  The best part is that the articles she listed have conflicting ideas, so you get to really *think* about what you should or shouldn’t do.

2. Evan Williams, co-founder of Pyra Labs and Twitter, has a post on the rules for a web startup. It’s an insightful “10 commandments type” of list on things you know you should do/be, but didn’t know exactly how to go about.

3. The list of all lists! Stanford’s Chuck Eesly has a master list on everything tech + entrepreneurship. It’s a goldmine of presentations, articles, and books on lean startup concepts, business models, product management, business development, public relations, recruiting, clients, fundraising, etc. His free class on tech entrepreneurship is also starting soon, and if you want to join, head on over to .

4. If you don’t have as much time to commit (The class on #3 involves teams and projects), head on over to General Assembly’s pioneer online class,  Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship. Topics include branding, recruiting, and design.  (I swear, the first thing I’m gonna do once I find myself in New York is to take a class. They’re seriously awesome, I heard.)

5. As a software developer, I appreciate the value of feedback. On that note, as a startup, feedback can improve your product exponentially. Here’s how to find the testers you need.

6. In class a while ago, my professor said he went domain name shopping. (If that isn’t geeky…) That led me to two debating articles. One said a domain name is your best investment, and the other says it’s not as big a deal as it once was.

7. The founders of The Levo League, my favorite startup (Empowering women! By women! Can’t you tell I’m in love?) talks about choosing investors. They ought to know what they’re talking about — The Levo League is backed up by Sheryl Sandberg and  Gina Bianchini. On a side note, if you are an ambitious, smart, go-getter woman, stop reading this post and  sign up for The Levo League now! They are building the community and job search platform of the century. It’s like your superstar career genie married Linked In and dressed their baby in Louis Vuitton. Anyway, if you want to know the particulars, read this article on Levo by the San Francisco Chronicle.



I just remembered this, and it must not be missed. My favorite career advice author has a two-part series on funding your / investing in startups. It’s a comprehensive, but quick,  guide to your investment options.

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