Roundup: Stuff on Programming, the Software Business, and Design

Someday, when I am stuck on a desert island and don’t have my to-do list with me…I will get through all of this. By the way, all the courses here are free, through endeavors such as iTunes U and MIT Open Courseware.

For the programmers…

~Multi-core Programming Primer (course)
When PSN was down, I was so happy because I had my guy all to myself. If you’re dating or have dated or are a gamer…well, now you can say you’ve programmed on the Play Station 3 development platform.

~Stanford’s iPhone Application Development (course)
One of the most popular courses in iTunes U. I’ve worked with Android before, and currently developing an app using Appcelerator Titanium, but I’ll definitely check this out.

Funny, I’ve worked with most major languages, aside from Ruby and Python. So this month, Ruby it is.

For the techno-preneurs…

Lectures on the business of software (courses). These might be helpful whether you are starting your own crazy-awesome startup (I bow down to you!) or you are working for a company whose business is software ( I mean, you gotta understand how the behemoth works, right?).

~The Software Business

~Generating Business Value from Information Technology

~Corporate Entrepreneurship: Strategies for Technology-Based New Business Development

~Symantec: Achieving Growth in Enterprise Software

~SpikeSource: Software Strategy and Open Source

~Hummer Winblad Venture Partners: Trends in Software

~Microsoft: Product Innovation in Software

For the designers…User Experience and other “More Creative” Topics

~Creating Interactive Multi-media (course), a crash course on interface design.

~Stanford’s seminars on Human Computer Interaction  (course) (There are actually a few of these, but I watched the Winter ’11 one, and I loved it.)

~Mastering Tech-Artistry, a collection of TED talks, focusing on the intersection of software engineering, new media, etc. and the creation of digital art.

~Joel Spolsky’s reading list  for software designers…here’s a few of my faves:

 {image credits: 1, 2, 3}

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